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Vegetarianism is not better for the environment

Last week, as the global Savory Hub Network gathered at Paicines Ranch, this article was printed in the San Mateo Journal. It states that: “Climate change and global warming are usually associated with burning fossil fuels, but, according to the Guardian, “the global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains

holistic planned grazing, Springs Ranch, Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

Holistic Planned Grazing is not rotational or mob grazing

Evenings last week–and early mornings–were spent pouring over a Word document version of Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield’s latest edition of Holistic Management. I am honored to be part of the committee reviewing and providing feedback on this version. One of the chapters I reviewed was on timing. This is one of the four key insights guiding

holistic planned grazing workshop, holistic management, Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

Holistic Planned Grazing workshop lessons: refrigerators last longer than most marriages

  The following is a post by Holistic Management educator Spencer Smith. He writes about the Holistic Planned Grazing workshop hosted by the Jefferson Center in mid-June 2015. The workshop was led by Holistic Management educator Rob Rutherford.  Diversity matters We recently held a Holistic Planned Grazing workshop in Fort Bidwell. We were lucky to

holistic planned grazing, Gallagher fencing

The Van Fleet Family implements holistic planned grazing

The following is a guest post by Indian Valley, California rancher Maria Van Fleet. She and her family attended Grazing for Change and studied holistic management before implementing holistic planned grazing. Maria manages the family ranch with her husband David, son Eric and daughters Hannah and Camille. We are proud of them for taking the