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Grazing for Change Speaker Videos

Western Regional Grazing Conference: Grazing For Change




Western Regional Grazing Conference: Grazing For Change

Conference Speaker Videos

Allan Savory – Grazing in Nature’s Image

 Tony Malmberg – How to run more livestock on public land

Bill Burrows – Livestock’s place in the healthy forest ecosystem

Dr. Christine Jones – An Australian Perspective on managing rangelands for drought

Spencer and Abbey Smith – Key to managing complexity: how to manage with a holistic context

Dr. Jason Rowntree – What do we know about the science of Holistic Management Strategy

Tre Cates – Savory Institute Hub Program and the “Tools for monitoring progress”

Robb Wolf – Holistic Management and Human Health

Dr. Christine Jones – How ranchers are getting paid for sequestering carbon

Allan Savory – Current conditions of publicly owned rangeland in the U.S.