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Superior Farms, Cascade Creek: Grazing for Change Consumer Revolution Sponsor

Cascade Creek American Lamb is an ultra-premium brand of lamb that is completely pasture raised on the open rangelands of the West Coast.We are passionate about bringing a sustainable, delicious, nutritious change of pace to the table. Our passion shows in our commitment to our ranchers, our flocks and our earth. From respecting the nutrient-rich land that sustains the flock, to partnering with dedicated families who raise the flock with care, Superior Farms lives the change we wish to see in the world. Sustainability starts in the pasture and extends to every facet of what we do. Our facilities are equipped with the best technology, including a wind turbine at our California facility that offsets about 50% of the plant’s total energy use. Our ranchers show the same commitment, regularly updating equipment and protecting the land from pesticides and waste. We’re excited to bring lamb to an emerging generation of foodies in exciting new ways. Whether it’s by helping our retail and food service partners with innovative offerings, maintaining state-of-the-art facilities or creating exciting new flavors and preparations, innovation is how we lead the way for change.


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