Right after the Grazing for Change conference in February, Spencer and I launched into our training program for 2015. The energy and momentum around Grazing for Change was so strong, that we wanted to help folks dive right into applying holistic management to their lives. Why wait? We’ve held three one-day holistic management workshops so far: In March we went to Greenville, California, in April, we hosted one on at the Springs Ranch (Jefferson Center headquarters), and in May we went to wine country and spent one day with the Napa Grass Farmer. We are headed to Urban Roots in Reno in late June, but first we host our first three-day holistic planned grazing workshop at Springs Ranch June 12 to 14. Hard to believe last year at this time, the Jefferson Center was just an idea. We were raising funds to get to Africa for training and working so hard to bring it all together. Amazing to look back to last year and think of all the friends we’ve made and all we’ve learned through holistic management. And this is just the beginning.

The workshops

The workshops so far have ranged from eight to 13 attendees. Unlike larger gatherings, workshops are the perfect place to ask detailed questions. The content is tailored to the interest and objectives of the group, while still covering the foundations and principles of holistic management. We always provide breakfast, lunch and plenty of refreshments for our guests. Each workshop includes classroom time as well as field walks. At least two ranch operations who attended were able to take the learnings from a one-day workshop and begin implementing holistic management. This is really impressive. One of these families is the Van Fleet family from Indian Valley, California. Most folks, Spencer and I included, need the three-day workshops and more to feel ready to take the first step. But as we learned from our friends, it is all about starting right where you are and not waiting for something to change.

So far, its been a blast. We’ve made new friends, made discoveries in holistic management and in general are thoroughly impressed with the workshop attendees. All are seeking to improve themselves and their land in order to provide a bright future for their families and communities. These are people with a vision and a strong work ethic. We are honored to be learning along side all of them.

Holistic Management workshops gallery

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