Statement of Purpose: To uplift the voice of The Ecosystem in a way that enduring well-being is created by encouraging holistic decisions within a given context, so that all beings may be the full expression of themselves.

Quality of Life: 

  • We are in awe and wonder at the beautiful mystery of life.
  • We manage our energy so creative processes remain free.
  • We embrace regenerative ways of knowing.
  • We treat our body and soul well to get the care we need to be kind to ourselves.
  • We remain present, at peace, and joyful.
  • We are free from suffering by drawing upon our infinite power to heal.
  • We nurture meaningful connections and reciprocity.

The way these intentions take shape is in the form of offering Savory Institute Ecological Outcome Verification and Holistic Management services, support and training to the people we consider ourselves in deep service to: those closest to the land. We operate as a guild of Savory Accredited Professionals (both monitors and educators) across the region. The Jefferson Center accelerates, uplifts and facilitates projects, courses and ecological monitoring on behalf of the guild so that these incredible professionals can do the important work of directly supporting farmers, ranchers, land stewards and managers.

Our Vision of the Land:

When it rains or when the snows melt, the water must go into the soil so that the springs will have life and the creeks and oceans will have water that is living and clean.  Our actions promote perennial streams and oceans with healthy fisheries.  All the plants and animal droppings and all manner of nutrients on the land and in the creeks must be absorbed quickly in order to be useful again for other living organisms.  A great profusion and mass of plants must capture the sun’s life-giving energy, and support abundance, and an ample variety of life forms.  The communities we are part of are flourishing. 

The Jefferson Center is an accredited Savory Global Network Hub. It was founded in 2014 by Abbey Kingdon Smith and Spencer Smith.  

The Jefferson Center demonstration sites are on the traditional lands of the Northern Paiute, Umatilla, Walla Walla and Cayuse tribes. Our network of producers operate on the traditional lands of many tribes across the West Coast Intermountain Region (source:

Our Story

By Abbey Kingdon Smith

During a Savory Global Network meeting a gentleman named Durukan Dudu, a Savory hub leader from Turkey, and a close friend, asked me, “Wow, how did you assemble this amazing team? I didn’t know how to answer him, because it felt like magic. It felt larger than ourselves. Maybe it had been in progress slowly and steadily for so long that we didn’t notice the evolution, the emergence. 

Perhaps it began back in 2004 and 2005 when Tony and Andrea Malmberg went to the Africa Centre for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe for training with Dick Richardson. A few months later, I went to South Africa and lived with Dick Richardson and his wife, there creating my first holistic context, holistic grazing plan and experience with ecological monitoring. 

The Malmbergs and I share a common lineage in terms of our Holistic Management teachers and experiences. Jackie Eshelman and I met just recently, but I felt we had known each other forever. The first time I talked to her, I was walking along a trail on a spring morning–taking a call outside. It was dawn and the birds were in concert, the bright green leaves shimmering in the morning light. Jackie brought this spring-like feeling to me–a radiant force of new life, new energy. At the end of our conversation we talked about Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book Braiding Sweetgrass, agreeing that it was our favorite book, and the audio version, read by the author, was a moving experience. 

Jackie, Andrea and I officially began working together in November 2020. We met at Rainshadow Organics in Sisters, Oregon, created a shared holistic context and statement of purpose, among many other foundational structures. It was the first time Andrea and Jackie met in person. It was there we committed to each other, to our shared vision of leading the Jefferson Center to a deeper, broader capacity to facilitate the healing and regeneration of  the West Coast Intermountain Region of the United States. From this origin session, we formed the following quality of life statement and the following statement of purpose. We meet quarterly on the equinoxes and solstices. We call it the Soil-Siss meeting. We follow the SOIL rule–treat others as they wish to be treated.

Support the Jefferson Center

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