Become an Accredited Professional

Become an accredited professional with guidance from the Jefferson Center. Our training is accredited by the Savory Institute.

You'll be  accredited by the Savory Institute after you complete Holistic Management training and pass an exit review.


What is a Savory Global Network Accredited Professional? 

Accredited professionals lead training and implementation of Holistic Management.

Accredited Professional Services:

  • Professional Training
  • Training in Holistic Management
  • On-the-ground support for land managers


  • New Savory Institute authorized training materials and resources
  • Access to the Savory Global Network for business development
  • Updates to Holistic Management education from the Savory Institute

How Do I Become an Accredited Professional?

  1. Fill out the short form at
  2. Complete the Foundations of Holistic Management courses online or in-person with a Savory Global Network hub.
  3. Complete the in-person modules:
    1. Holistic Planned Grazing
    2. Holistic Financial Planning
    3. Ecological Monitoring
    4. Holistic Land Planning
  4. Notify the Savory Institute when you've completed all courses.
  5. Receive your accreditation certificate and pay your annual fees to maintain your accreditation.

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