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Activating our Network with Land to Market

Activating our Network with Land to Market


Hosted by David Rizzo, Spencer Smith, and Carrie Richards


Join David Rizzo, Carrie Richards, and Spencer Smith as they review two case studies in Land to Market engagement.




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David Rizzo

Chief Operating Officer, Land to Market Program

David Rizzo’s career has evolved from its genesis in IT consulting and small business development to include operations, brand-building, and transformative leadership for internationally-recognized organizations with sustainable, earth-conscious values. Throughout his career in business and technology, one thing has remained at the core of his endeavors – a passion for respecting and protecting the great outdoors. That commitment forms the foundation for his role as Chief Operating Officer of the Savory Institute’s Land to Market

Spencer Smith

Owner and Operator, Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

Spencer is an accredited Savory Field Professional who travels throughout Northern California and Nevada (and as needed to other regions) conducting Holistic Management workshops, courses, events and consultations. With a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from CSU,Chico and experience managing cow-calf and yearling herds in Northern California and Nevada, Spencer brings years of ranch management experience to the business. He manages Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, California. Formerly he managed the cattle on the DS Ranch in Sierra Valley, Calif. as well as about 600,000 acres of grazing allotment north of Reno, Nevada.  

Carrie Richards

VP Compliance & Marketing

Carrie with her husband Daniel and their two kids, moved from Oakland back to her family ranch, Richards Land and Cattle to manage the 6500-acre property with Carrie’s father Tom in 2016.  On the ranch Carrie and Daniel manage 350 cows and 100 sheep holistically, making sure to take a “soil first” approach.  

Carrie is also a co-owner of Richards Grassfed Beef with her siblings Noelle and Tom.  Richards Grassfed sells wholesale and retail grass fed beef to grocery stores, restaurants and butcher shops across Sacramento and the Bay Area.  Richards Grassfed Beef is certified by the American Grassfed Association and is the first company on the west coast to be approved by the Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome Verified program. This program trains ranchers in holistic management and measures outcomes on working lands focusing on water cycle, carbon sequestration and ecosystem function.


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