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Savory Land to Market Program

What is the Savory Land to Market Program? Producers in the Northern California and Nevada region can sign up with the Jefferson Center to be part of the Savory Land to Market program. We will work with you to implement Ecological Outcome Verification monitoring on your land. This data tells the story of how your

Fire Recovery and Replanning Free Webinar

Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management and the Savory Institute offered California farmers and ranchers a free webinar on fire recovery and replanning. Allan’s work in Africa and other regions of the world provided him with deep experience in replanning grazing and other farm enterprises after fire loss. Spencer Smith, a Savory Field Professional and owner

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The Savory Meal Menu

Chef Tu David Phu is preparing a six-course meal inspired  by traditional Asian cuisine for The Savory Meal. Each platter will be shared in a family-style dining experience. He will share the story and inspiration behind each dish. Meats and veggies of the meal are sourced from local and regenerative farmers and ranchers in the