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Carbon Markets Webinar

It is easy to understand how farmers and ranchers get paid for products coming off of land. It’s happened since agriculture began. A product is produced from the land and sold for money or traded for goods. Got it. But what does it look like when farmers and ranchers are paid for products coming into the land,

Regenerative Food Network Webinar

Regenerative Food Network Webinar   Hosted by Jesse McDougall and Abbey Smith I met Jesse McDougall a few years ago, when Judith Schwartz, author of Cows Save the Planet and Water in Plain Sight recommended I reach out to Studio Hill Farm in Vermont to learn about their regenerative practices and to explore joining the Savory Global Network. Given Judith’s descriptive review

Discovering Dandelions

By Abbey Smith Looking at a bright patch of blooming dandelions this spring, I thought of a conversation I had with a Savory hub leader, Katie, who is working in Fiji to cultivate a local breadfruit enterprise.  “Sometimes I think the trees are laughing at us,” Katie said. Imagine what it is like from their

Virtual Ranch Field Day

Virtual Ranch Field Day 5 PM PT | August 14, 2020   Event Description: The Jefferson Center is experimenting with healthy soils. In our Great Basin region of vast rangelands, pastures and more cattle than people (at least in Modoc County), what practices create healthy soil? Which are realistic and economical for the farmer or

ranch work study program

Activating our Network with Land to Market

Activating our Network with Land to Market   Hosted by David Rizzo, Spencer Smith, and Carrie Richards   Join David Rizzo, Carrie Richards, and Spencer Smith as they review two case studies in Land to Market engagement.     Learn About the Hosts   David Rizzo Chief Operating Officer, Land to Market Program David Rizzo’s