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Isidora’s Visit

We hear from our latest guest, Isidora Molina, on her stay at the Jefferson Hub! Isidora and her family wanted to have a family adventure, improve their English, and experience life on a ranch, so we were so excited to have them come out and visit. We did lots of things including moving cows, building

REP Provisions Taste Test

This week, we try the new REP Provisions beefstix and pecan butter with the help of our Ranch Field Day attendees! Learn more about how this product regenerates the land (and pick up a box!) at We had the pleasure of serving attendees at our Ranch Field Day a special treat from REP Provisions!

Holistic Planned Grazing, forage production, livestock gains

Meeting with Michal Pretorius

Abbey talks with a visitor from the South Africa Hub and discusses the benefits of traveling in the Savory Global Network. My name is Abbey Smith and I am a part of the Jefferson Center as well as a Savory Global Network coordinator. I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Michal Pretorius from

Plastic - LFX Blog Post


By Leah Larsen The Local Food Experience has changed our lives in ways beyond food. Because food is such a large part of our lives, stopping three times a day to nourish ourselves or at least 5 times if you have kids, it makes sense that a change in what we eat will change other