Brittany Cole Bush AKA: BCB

A self-deemed ‘modern-day, urban shepherdess’, Brittany Cole Bush is a professional working

in the fields of land stewardship, animal husbandry, consulting and education. Her experience derives from managing upwards of 2,500 head of sheep and goats in the Bay Area of California to perform stewardship and fire hazard abatement projects.

Since 2012, ‘BCB’ has developed and managed the treatment of over 3,000 acres of both private and public lands annually using prescribed

shepardess, Grazing for Change, Consumer Revolution, Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, Savory Institute
Brittany Cole Bush is a self-deemed modern-day urban shepardess.

herbivory as a tool for restoration, remediation and fire hazard reduction in over 6 counties in Northern California.Previously the project manager and co-founder of the reputable contract grazing outfit, StarCreek Land Stewards, Inc., BCB has acquired large, long-term contracts with public agencies such as: CalTrans, PG&E, East Bay Regional Parks District, Parks and Recreation of theCounties of Santa Clara and San Mateo, City of Lincoln, and a number of land trusts and private land owners throughout the greater Bay Area, CA.

BCB also sits as an elected member on the California Rangeland Management Advisory Committee in Sacramento representing California Wool Growers Association; a member of the Young Entrepreneur Committee for the American Sheep Industry, a writer for the Stockman Grass Farmer and the Fibershed network; is a co-owner of Shepherdess Holistic Hides and is also a team member with the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management.

Learn more about BCB’s work at and sheep and goat hide project at


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