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Duane Massa, owner of Massa Natural Meats

Duane Massa: Grazing for Change Consumer Revolution Speaker

Duane Massa is a fifth generation California farmer and biologist. Duane was raised on the family farm and cattle ranch in Northern California, where he gained an appreciation for all things biotic and began to nurture his love of natural systems. Duane earned a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from CSU, Chico and pursued a 17-year career in fisheries science; conducting

shepardess, Grazing for Change, Consumer Revolution, Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, Savory Institute

Brittany Cole Bush, Shepardess: Grazing for Change Consumer Revolution MC and Speaker

Brittany Cole Bush AKA: BCB A self-deemed ‘modern-day, urban shepherdess’, Brittany Cole Bush is a professional working in the fields of land stewardship, animal husbandry, consulting and education. Her experience derives from managing upwards of 2,500 head of sheep and goats in the Bay Area of California to perform stewardship and fire hazard abatement projects. Since

Lauren Tucker, Kiss the Ground, Grazing for Change: Igniting a Consumer Revolution speaker 2016

Lauren Tucker, Kiss the Ground Co-Executive Director, Grazing for Change Consumer Revolution Speaker

Lauren Tucker is a community organizer and Co-Executive Director of Kiss the Ground.  Kiss the Ground is a nonprofit dedicated to the vision that a new view has emerged where people are reverent of our interconnectedness with nature and our planet is restored, balanced, and abundant. Lauren’s passion for community building has led her to