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Richard King, holistic management educator, rangeland management
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Grazing for Change conference speaker: Richard King, Holistic Management instructor, rangeland manager

Richard’s professional career with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service includes 36 years of experience as a rangeland specialist, ecologist, and biologist.  His work included training co-workers and assisting landowners with restoration or enhancement of rangelands, wetlands, cropland, chaparral, forests, …

William Burnidge, Nature Conservancy, holistic management, grazing for change
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Grazing for Change Conference Speaker: William Burnidge, Ecologist, Eastern Colorado Program Director for the Colorado Nature Conservancy

William Burnidge is the Grasslands Program Director for the The Nature Conservancy.  William leads the work of the Conservancy’s Colorado Chapter to develop and disseminate comprehensive land management planning tools designed to assist livestock managers to improve outcomes across the …