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Get the most out of regenerative Ag

How to make a living off the land

How your land can produce a living for you and your family  You can make a living off the land. Though your management, create an agriculture business that produces more, earns more, while saving the planet in the process, and the market will reward you for it.  Consumers and manufacturers are calling for products that

How to navigate an unsettled agricultural commodity market

[kad_youtube url=”” width=500 height=300 ]   Today I want to discuss the current situation of an an unsettled agricultural commodity market.  For the first time in decades most all of the agricultural commodities have lost market strength.  Rarely do we see almost universal drops in our farm products, however this is the situation that we

Upcoming Holistic Management Workshops: Sign up

With fall around the corner, it is planning season for farms, ranches and businesses. Thrive in 2016 with holistic management workshops and training from the Jefferson Center under your belt in 2015.   Here’s the line up for September through November: Nevada County One-Day Workshop September 12, 2015 Siskiyou County One-Day Workshop November 21, 2015

Planning for profit and biological monitoring at Guidici Ranch

Holistic financial planning, we figured, costs about $20,000 in labor to complete (assuming farmers and ranchers are valuing their time and paying themselves a salary, which doesn’t happen enough) and about 11 days total out of the year to complete. It is well worth the investment. It could save the ranch. It could mean peace of