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Useing livestock to improve soil

Bale Grazing: Transform your landscape during winter feeding

Are you feeding in a sacrifice lot? All too often on ranches all over the west, people winter their livestock on feed grounds that end up looking like ground zero after a bombing. The soil is packed hard and when the growing season finally comes, all you can grow is Mustard and thistle. Does that

Managing for soil health, Drought tolerance

Soil Health vs. Soil Quality

Soil Quality? Manage for health instead. The term “soil quality” thrown around a lot and I have a real problem with that.  Soil quality leaves us with the impression that it is as good as it can be and at its potential.  This is categorically wrong, no matter what soil type you have or its

Regenerate with us at Grazing for Change

Holistic management doesn’t fit well into an elevator pitch. In two sentences or less tell me what holistic management is. Rotational grazing? Planned grazing? A term soil geeks and non-traditional agriculturalists use? No. Not quite. Possibly. Here’s our elevator pitch: holistic management is a decision-making framework that helps us make better, more informed decisions that balance