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Useing livestock to improve soil

Bale Grazing: Transform your landscape during winter feeding

Are you feeding in a sacrifice lot? All too often on ranches all over the west, people winter their livestock on feed grounds that end up looking like ground zero after a bombing. The soil is packed hard and when the growing season finally comes, all you can grow is Mustard and thistle. Does that

Scott River Ranch, holistic management, holistic land planning, biological monitoring, Etna, California

Scott River Ranch and the Jefferson Center host biological monitoring and land planning course for land managers

Spencer Smith stood before a filled conference room at the Artisans of the Grasslands conference in the Bay Area last October. His presentation on holistic planned grazing sparked questions from the audience, including one from Gareth Plank, owner and operator of Scott River Ranch.  Gareth asked if whole families could attend holistic management courses together

California Community Colleges partners with the Jefferson Center to bring hands-on Holistic Management training to students

A typical job posting sent to the Jefferson Center looks like this: NOW HIRING: Livestock Assistant Caney Fork Farm is seeking a full-time livestock assistant to help supervise cattle, sheep, hog and avian operations. Knowledge of Holistic Management grazing is required. “On a regular basis, we are contacted by progressive land management operations, ranches, farms,