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LFX Daily Journal

A similar journal will be published in the Summer Issue of The AG Mag. Please visit The AG Mag at By Abbey Smith So what does a day in the life of a Local Food Experiencer look like? Here’s “a taste” of daily life focused on local, nutrient-dense food. There is a lot to do

Preparing for a Year of Eating Local Food: Reinventing the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (and other non-essential foods we think we can’t live without)

By Abbey Smith In one month exactly, my family and I will be committed to our bullseye diet– one year of eating local food. A majority of our food will come from the 1800 acres near Fort Bidwell, California that we call home. Surprise Valley will provide what we cannot grow, the northern California/Nevada/Oregon region

A Side Dish of Gratitude

By Owen Segerstrom As our family anticipates the beginning of the Local Food Experience, we are finding it important to focus on the opportunity and the adventure that await us, rather than the sacrifice.  While we have some serious adjustments ahead–are we sure we don’t want to make an exception for coffee?–we want to be