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Planning for profit and biological monitoring at Guidici Ranch

Holistic financial planning, we figured, costs about $20,000 in labor to complete (assuming farmers and ranchers are valuing their time and paying themselves a salary, which doesn’t happen enough) and about 11 days total out of the year to complete. It is well worth the investment. It could save the ranch. It could mean peace of

The Kenyan Savory Hub

Meet our Kenyan counterparts and new friends the Wood family. They are also in the hub accreditation process with us. We have a lot in common as parents of young children–but their children see zebra, giraffe, elephants when they go riding with their parents. Maezy sees big horn sheep, antelope, jack rabbits and horny toads.

Savory Hub step one is getting to Africa and Colorado

This year 90 applications from 25 countries were submitted to the Savory Institute in hopes of bringing a Savory Hub to their region. My husband, Spencer, and I were one of those applicants. We described a learning center and demonstration ranch called the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management that would serve Northern California and the Western Great