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Women Led Livestock Businesses

Being part of Women in Ranching is an amazing force of good in my life. Even before we were joined through the Women in Ranching circle at TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, California, Beth and Cole were two women who I deeply admired and respected. We met through our work with the Savory Institute, and the regenerative agriculture community

Carbon Markets Webinar

It is easy to understand how farmers and ranchers get paid for products coming off of land. It’s happened since agriculture began. A product is produced from the land and sold for money or traded for goods. Got it. But what does it look like when farmers and ranchers are paid for products coming into the land,

Regenerative Food Network Webinar

Regenerative Food Network Webinar   Hosted by Jesse McDougall and Abbey Smith I met Jesse McDougall a few years ago, when Judith Schwartz, author of Cows Save the Planet and Water in Plain Sight recommended I reach out to Studio Hill Farm in Vermont to learn about their regenerative practices and to explore joining the Savory Global Network. Given Judith’s descriptive review


Spencer discusses the benefits of E.O.V. with guests Andrea Malmberg and Dallas Hall Defrees. Today we’re going to be talking about EOV. EOV is the scientifically robust monitoring protocol that captures ecosystem function in an easy to collect and transfer form. EOV looks not just at overall carbon sequestration, but aggregate stability in soil, water holding capacity infiltration rate, and then

Isidora’s Visit

We hear from our latest guest, Isidora Molina, on her stay at the Jefferson Hub! Isidora and her family wanted to have a family adventure, improve their English, and experience life on a ranch, so we were so excited to have them come out and visit. We did lots of things including moving cows, building

REP Provisions Taste Test

This week, we try the new REP Provisions beefstix and pecan butter with the help of our Ranch Field Day attendees! Learn more about how this product regenerates the land (and pick up a box!) at We had the pleasure of serving attendees at our Ranch Field Day a special treat from REP Provisions!

Holistic Planned Grazing, forage production, livestock gains

Meeting with Michal Pretorius

Abbey talks with a visitor from the South Africa Hub and discusses the benefits of traveling in the Savory Global Network. My name is Abbey Smith and I am a part of the Jefferson Center as well as a Savory Global Network coordinator. I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Michal Pretorius from