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Country Natural Beef: Grazing for Change Consumer Revolution Sponsor

Country Natural Beef was founded 30 years ago for the purpose of providing customers with a healthy and wholesome product for their families at a price that supports sustainable ranching. Each of the ranching members of Country Natural Beef recognizes that healthy and productive land is also biologically diverse. Country Natural Beef is a unique and true cooperative that links ranchers to ranchers, and ranchers directly to customers. Each and every member of Country Natural Beef is a family that maintains a distinctive and unique ranch. These ranches bring together nearly 100 separate families that share the same philosophies. These ranchers are as varied by geographic locations and environments as the breeds of cattle that are suitable to each of these locations. Honoring family is a core value of Country Natural Beef and we work hard to ensure that this way of life will be available to subsequent generations, if they so choose.


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