Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management and the Savory Institute offered California farmers and ranchers a free webinar on fire recovery and replanning. Allan’s work in Africa and other regions of the world provided him with deep experience in replanning grazing and other farm enterprises after fire loss.

Spencer Smith, a Savory Field Professional and owner of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management joined Allan Savory in this event. The Jefferson Center is the Savory Global Network hub serving Northern California and Nevada.

View the webinar recording

Please click on the button below to view the webinar recording. Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar. It was a great discussion. We look forward to many more conversations with the regenerative agriculture community.


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In 1992 Allan Savory and his wife, Jody Butterfield, formed a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe, the Africa Centre for Holistic Management, donating a ranch that would serve as a learning site for people all over Africa. In 2009, Savory, Butterfield, and a group of colleagues co-founded the Savory Institute in Boulder, Colorado to serve the world through an international network of entrepreneurial innovators and leaders committed to serving their regions with the highest standards of Holistic Management training and implementation support. The Africa Centre became the first of the Savory Institute’s locally led and managed “hubs.”

Savory’s book, Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision-Making (Island Press, 1999), describes his effort to find workable solutions ordinary people could implement to overcome many of the problems besetting communities and businesses today. READ MORE ABOUT ALLAN SAVORY

Spencer Smith is owner and operator of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management with his wife, Abbey. He is a certified Holistic Management educator with the Savory Institute. He travels throughout Northern California and Nevada (and as needed to other regions) conducting Holistic Management workshops, courses, events and consultations. READ MORE ABOUT SPENCER SMITH

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