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Grazing for Change 2016: learn about the Savory Land to Market Program

Spencer and I are often asked about the Savory Land to Market program and what to expect from the next Grazing for Change. We would like to invite you to spend three minutes with us in our fields at Springs Ranch. Spencer takes a moment to preview the Savory Land to Market Program, which will be unveiled at the next Grazing for Change gathering at CSU Chico on November 4.

We enjoy field walks with our friends. On this late summer afternoon, Spencer takes a break from checking pasture, cattle and soil conditions to share this information with us. He is joined by our beloved cow Belle (really it is our daughter Maezy’s cow) and other relaxed cattle enjoying the warm, peaceful afternoon on the ranch. Please take three minutes to share in this September walk with us through Springs Ranch and learn more about Grazing for Change: Igniting a Consumer Revolution.

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Grazing for Change 2016 explained

This year, Grazing for Change is igniting a consumer revolution. We are hosting an intimate event for consumers, producers, suppliers, retailers in our region in order to lay the foundation for co-designing regenerative supply networks in our region.

These networks will create a market and production system for products that regenerate land and human health. Our vision is to be able to feed our communities in our region year-round with products that do not compromise their own health or mine the soil, create waste and make people sick but rather nurture human health and deepen soil.

Attendees will hear leaders in the regenerative agriculture movement speak and then join the speakers in facilitated discussion about how to revolutionize how we produce and consume food and fiber. They will view exclusive documentary short-films that tell the stories of regenerative farmers managing holistically across the world.  This event is part of a global event facilitated by the Savory Institute to unite people ready to create a better food and fiber system. Learn more about the global event:

We will introduce the new Savory Land to Market program, which identifies and verifies products made from regenerating soil.Attendees will help shape this program in the Northern California and Nevada region. 

This event is not for passive consumers. We invite those ready to engage with the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management and our partners to create a new food production system, something we call a “regenerative value network.”

We invite you to: Eat it. Wear it. Regeneratie it. Ignite a consumer revolution. 

Join us for the next Grazing for Change. Nov. 4, 2016. 

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