CindyDaley, CSU Chico State College of Agriculture, holistic managementDr. Cynthia A. Daley completed her BS in animal science at the University of Illinois and her PhD at the University of California, Davis in 1997.

Aside from her duties in the classroom, committee work and advising, Dr. Daley created the Organic Dairy program located at the Agriculture Teaching and Research Center for the purposes of research and education, Students are directly involved in an organic production paradigm including managed intensive grazing (MIG), organic pasture management, holistic herd health, milking hygiene, milk quality, organic calf management, and whole farm systems planning. Positions on the Student Dairy Management Team are competitive.

Active research projects include reduced grain feeding and the use of soil amendments to improve forage quality and net profitability; the effect of pasture DMI on milk nutrient content and the use of fodder as a grain alternative in mid size dairy operations.

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