Chris Kerston, Savory Institute, holistic management, grazing for changeChris Kerston has been grazing cattle for over a decade. With a longstanding passion for alternative agricultural models, Chris has dedicated much of his life to helping connect ranchers with consumers in ways that create real value for both parties. With formal training and instinctive talent, Chris utilizes social media in concert with traditional marketing techniques to help ranchers share their stories and build long lasting relationships with partners based upon common goals.

Chris has become a recognized public speaker championing for stronger connections between grower and eater and providing training to help build those connections. He has been on the forefront of the collaborative process with state and federal regulators, advocating for the recognition of alternative agricultural models as well as the consumers’ right to access healthy local foods. Chris is also very enthusiastic about developing opportunities for young ranchers. Fostering creative solutions to removing barriers of available land and capital will ultimately help cultivate the next generation of holistic land stewards. Read more about Chris at

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