Christine Jones, carbon project, holistic management, grazing for change event speakerDr. Christine Jones is an internationally renowned and highly respected groundcover and soils ecologist with a PhD in Soil Biochemistry. She has a wealth of experience working with innovative landholders to implement regenerative land management practices that enhance biodiversity, increase biological activity, sequester carbon, activate soil nutrient cycles, restore water balance, improve productivity and create new topsoil. Christine has organized and participated in workshops, field days, seminars and conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the USA and has a strong publication and presentation record.

Christine received a Community Fellowship Award from Land and Water Australia in 2001. The LWA Community Fellowship Program was designed to ‘provide recognition to individuals with an outstanding track record in mobilizing and inspiring the community to better manage their land, water and vegetation’.

In March 2007, Christine launched the Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme, the world’s first soil carbon incentive scheme based on measurement – making Australia a leading nation in the recognition of soils as a verifiable carbon sink. The ASCAS project rewards landholders for adopting innovative techniques designed to sequester soil carbon and improve soil water holding capacity, thus reducing the atmospheric concentration of both carbon dioxide.


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