Gabe Brown, holistic management
Gabe Brown in his office

Gabe Brown completed his Animal Science and Agricultural Economics degrees at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. Gabe and his wife Shelly manage 6,000 acres, developed a cover cropping and grazing management method and run a cow/calf and yearling operation. Gabe and his son Paul manage the farm together and produce grassfed beef. In a blog post, Gabe writes: “So, what has been our results of focusing on regenerating our resources and managing for the whole? We have increased our organic matter levels from less than 2 percent to over 5 percent on some fields. This has been a tremendous benefit. It means that on one acre we now have over 100,000# of organic carbon in the top foot alone! That same foot of soil is now capable of holding over 108,000 gallons of water per acre! If all agricultural land could hold this abundance of water, just imagine the range of implications for the health of our water quality and supplies, from alleviating potential flooding impacts to keeping harmful fertilizers and pesticides out of our rivers, lakes and oceans.” Read the rest of the blog post about his pioneering work. Listen to the NPR Science Friday interview with Gabe here and check out this profile of his operation in The Prairie Fire Newspaper.  





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