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Gero Leson is the director of special operations for Dr. Bronner’s

Gero Leson is Director of Special Operations for Dr. Bronner’s, the best-selling brand of natural

soaps in North America. The company’s mission is to use business to effect social change – and

be profitable. In 2005, Dr. Bronner’s began shifting the sourcing of its major raw materials –

coconut, palm, olive, mint oils – to organic and fair trade projects. Gero has managed this process

and the development and operation of such projects in Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya and India. They

typically include 500 to 1,000 small holder farmers and their communities and illustrate the power

of fair commerce in rural development. Training in regenerative practices and improving soil

fertility by natural means are a key element of all projects.

Gero’s educational background (MS Physics, doctorate in Environmental Science and

Engineering) and 25 years of experience in consulting and business have helped him and his

team deal successfully with the many challenges of such projects.

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