We want everyone to be able to see what’s happening in Surprise Valley in terms of Holistic Management, so we are planning custom ranch tours this spring and summer!

Custom Ranch Tours

We’re inviting you to come out to Springs Ranch (free of charge) and spend a day with us! The Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, California is the main demonstration site for the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, a Savory Global Network hub serving Northern California and Nevada. It is a certified organic ranch producing grass-fed and finished beef for the local community.  

Learn how the land is holistically managed using cattle as a tool to improve soil health, sequester carbon and increase biodiversity. Enjoy a relaxed, family-friendly summer afternoon on the ranch. We’ll share our grazing plans with you and look in the fields at what the outcomes of the planned grazing have been. We encourage you to spend some time in Surprise Valley while you’re here – there’s a beautiful historic hotel and cafe with great barbecue in Fort Bidwell. The custom ranch tours will take place on May 18th, June 29th, July 13th, and August 10th. Email Abbey at abbey@jeffersonhub.com with any questions!

Ranch Field Day

We’ll also have our annual Ranch Field Day this year on June 1st! The ranch walk will be led by Spencer Smith, Savory Field Professional, and manager of Springs Ranch. Learn how to identify healthy soil biology and understand what healthy soil can do for your farming or ranching enterprise. Spencer worked on large ranches in Northern Nevada before starting the Jefferson Center. Since becoming a Savory Field Professional, Spencer has provided Holistic Management implementation support, capacity building and consulting on ranches across California, Nevada, Oregon, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Montana, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Costa Rica, Senegal, and Mexico. After our tour of the ranch, we’ll have a big barbecue!

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