Grant-funded Opportunity for West Coast Producers for EOV On-boarding and Holistic Management Training

The Jefferson Center is offering 10 producers full EOV on-boarding and Holistic Management training, a $5100 value. These costs are covered for the producer by a grant. The only costs the producer must cover are travel and accommodation costs for EOV set up and Holistic Management training. If you are interested, please review the benefits and agreement below, and contact us to discuss further. Email to learn more. A list of 2020 Holistic Management courses can be found here.

For a full description of what is monitored by EOV, please read here.

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Learning about White Oak Pastures.
The ecological monitoring and land planning course attendees with instructor Spencer Smith at Springs Ranch.
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In the video above, we discuss the Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification, and an exciting opportunity from the Jefferson Center!

Producer Benefits

All of the Holistic Management course material, support from the Savory Institute and the regional Savory hub, the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, is covered by the grant.  The dollar value of this is: 

  • Holistic Management Courses $1600/course package EOV set up $1500/ transect On-going support $1500/ day 

Having Ecological Outcomes Verification (EOV) transects established on their ranches which will inform future decisions made on farm and make the ranchers eligible for Land to Market opportunities. This is powerful due to the scientific validity of EOV which will provide metrics and data trends associated with landscape regeneration. 

Savory Land to Market provides a new market opportunity to the rancher by connecting them with market partners who want to be able to tell the regenerative story to their consumer base. By creating a supply chain solution for moving product that does not rely on commoditization and consolidation, Land to Market empowers the farmer and rancher to have more control of their product’s life cycle and pricing. It is the next generation of value- add programs. 

These training materials, EOV transect setup and ongoing support in Holistic Management, will be provided at no cost to the producer, aside from minimal travel costs incurred from Jefferson Center personnel providing ongoing support.


Producer Agreement


In order to be part of the Ecological Outcomes Verification (EOV) set up project, the producer agrees to: 

  • Attend all courses and participate whole heartedly. If all courses are not completed, the producer will not be part of the project and will be invoiced for the course cost. 
  • Complete the Savory Institute Holistic Management online courses.
  • Adopt and practice Holistic Management, including creating a Holistic Context, testing decisions, creating and managing a Holistic Grazing Plan, Financial Plan and Land Plan. 
  • Allow for the installation EOV transects on their property and complete to ongoing monitoring with Savory Accredited Professionals and EOV Monitors on the Jefferson Center team.
  • Acknowledges that ongoing monitoring and continued enrollment in Savory Land to Market is mandatory if they want to make regenerative claims backed by Land to Market and EOV data. 
  • Engages with the Jefferson Center in ongoing support to ensure positive outcomes. Continues to practice Holistic Management planning techniques and processes. This will include communication with and support by the Jefferson Center to ensure that grazing planning procedures are completed and utilized to ensure adequate recovery time. 

Producers will have ranch visits for ongoing support and EOV installation covered by the grant, however producers will have to cover some of the travel costs associated with Savory Field professionals visit. I.e. fuel and lodging.

HM Course Testimonials


"The biological monitoring course at Springs Ranch was a game-changer. I now walk through all ecosystems looking for what the community of plants is revealing about the water, mineral and carbon cycle functionality." - Matthew Englehart Be Love Farm, Vacaville, Calif.

“This was a fantastic course. I have been looking for an instructor with real-world cattle experience, Spencer is just that. No nonsense, nuts and bolts approach to this business was exactly what I had hoped for, and he did not disappoint. I learned a great deal about getting the most out of our grass and cattle performance by managing our grazing speeds and densities. This course has really made me feel good about going into the next growing season.”  - Jeffrey Mundell, Rancho Cienega Del Gabilan, San Juan Bautista, California

"I found the planned grazing course incredibly valuable and have already changed some things in my business because of it.  Not only is the course a great tool for improving your grazing methods it introduces you to a whole different way to plan your production over the long term.  I am looking forward to seeing the results of what I learned in my business, on my ranch and in my soil." Seth Nitschke, Open Space Meats, Mariposa, California

The Grazing Planning course was very illuminating. I came out of it with a filled out grazing chart for one of our ranches and an understanding of how to continue the work for other ranches in my management. Better yet, I resolved a lot of confusion about grass growth, parasite cycles, animal metabolic needs, and how managing perennial grasses can sequester carbon and improve water holding capacity. I'm confident that this coming year will show significantly more productive pastures, healthier land and animals, and better tasting beef.” Ariel Greenwood, Free Stone Ranch, Valley Ford, California

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Spence discusses the benefits of E.O.V. with guests Andrea Malmberg and Dallas Hall Defrees.

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