sonoma county holistic management workshop
Fence line contrast of holistic management (right) vs. conventional.

Become a better manager

Proper management of livestock can be the most effective tool to help  achieve long term goals for production, profit and the environment.  The Jefferson Center for Holistic Management will be visiting the Pepperwood Preserve in March for a two part, in-depth look at managing for habit and conservation.  Holistic Ag, a Sonoma County-based company, has teamed up with the Pepperwood Preserve to utilize livestock as a tool to improve ecosystem function.  Their results are amazing yet expected, due to the fact that they are using Holistic Management and Holistic Planned Grazing to achieve dramatic transformation.  Learn to use these same techniques and achieve results that will meet triple bottom line objectives.  Not all of us have the same management criteria as the grazers at Pepperwood, however we can all learn the techniques needed to manage for increased production, drought tolerance, healthier soil and profits.

“This workshop is for proactive land managers and grazing practitioners who want to learn the tools of
holistic management in order to build biological health and diversity into their soil while ensuring
healthier profits,”  Spencer Smith said.

Two days of hands-on learning

Please note that attendees must register for each day separately. 


Join Spencer Smith, a Savory Institute accredited Holistic Management educator, in a workshop that will focus on Holistic Management, Planned Grazing, and developing an eye for ecosystem processes.  

“This will be a whole day of fine tuning your skills and understanding of how a healthy ecosystem functions and how you can get it working for you in your land base,” Spencer Smith said.  The workshop covers the foundations of Holistic Management, the biology of soil building and pasture development.  This day will be filled with insight and information that will help even the most advanced grazer improve.  Come prepared to get outside in the field and inspect the condition of the grasslands.

“we will be on our hands and knees looking at how well this ecosystem is functioning and developing an eye for management that will stick with you forever,” Spencer Smith said.

The Jefferson Center for Holistic Management offers discounts for students and groups.  “We believe it is very important for decision-makers to attend together, so we are offering couples or business partners a two for one deal (enter code: partner2016 when registering online) or 50 percent off the ticket price of the $100 ticket price,” Abbey Smith said. There will also be a special student rate (for high school or college students) of $25 (enter code: student2016 when registering online). Regular ticket costs are $100 online or $120 at the door.

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Will be led by Arron Lucich and Ariel Greenwood of Holistic Ag. they will demonstrate how they plan and execute management, including their day to day responsibilities on Pepperwood such as  improving the infrastructure of water and fencing.

” Historically ranchers have been limited in what they could do, due to limitations in stock water, paddock size, weather as well as a myriad other concerns.” said Arron Lucich.  Attendees will learn how Arron and Ariel overcome these challenges. Apply their findings in order to better utilize your landscape to create the resource base that you desire.

Regular tickets are  $100 per registration.

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