Spencer and I started a new chapter in our marriage and careers this year: contributing writers for  the Countryside Network.  This is our first post on Holistic Planned Grazing vs. a common, umbrella term, generally know as Rotational Grazing. We are fans of the team at Countryside, as I used to be part of the team before joining the Savory Institute. We are excited to work with them! Writing as a couple is challenging but really fun too. Spencer and I think very differently. We organize our sentences differently. Two people behind one post must be a better value for the reader though, right? Decide for yourself and please let us know! We’d love your feedback on our article here explaining the common misconceptions around the term “rotational grazing.”

Here is our article on the Countryside Network.

Jefferson center, rotational grazing, holistic planned grazing
Cattle are great management tools on Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, California.

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