Working with complex systems like land, requires a different approach to management, control and planning. And monitoring.

The Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) program is called the “scorecard for the land.” Developed by the Savory Institute with many global partners, it is a data-backed program that quantifies the health of the land. Lagging and leading indicators are monitored. We jumped in early to be part of the development of EOV because we believe it empowers farmers and ranchers with hard data showing the outcomes of their management.

As the regenerative movement continues to expand, the opportunities presented to those who have data-backed evidence of their regenerative outcomes, also expand.

Join EOV Master Verifiers Andrea Malmberg and Spencer Smith to imagine, discuss and analyze the opportunities available to those using the EOV monitoring protocol. To learn more about EOV, please read and watch here. This will be an in-depth conversation about EOV. Familiarity with the basic concepts of EOV (gained from the links above) is recommended for participants.

Watch Here

Andrea Malmberg has lived her life on the land with livestock and real food in the western United States. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Master of Science in Natural Resource Sciences from Washington State University. After completing her studies in Zimbabwe and Argentina in 2004, Andrea became an accredited professional in Holistic Management. Seeing the need to bring the tools of human flourishing to rural communities, Andrea received a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. As a result, she has created a platform that people throughout the world are using to manage and monitor their well-being – LifeEnergy.Guide.

Over the last twenty-five years, in many different capacities, Andrea has facilitated the exploration of ecological, financial, sociological, and emotional factors, empowering the potential of people to make sound holistic decisions. With her husband Tony, she has run several regenerative land-based enterprises always with the purpose of honing her skills to enhance the well-being of people, animals, and‚ now and into the future. She delights in ranching, homesteading, conviviality, vibrant philosophical discussions, studying human behavior, and finds purpose in being civically active, participating in the creation of healthy communities, and restoring land.

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