Visit us on the ranch or spend time with us when we travel to your neck of the woods. We are offering a series of one-day and three-day workshops as well as a ranch study program for those interested in learning how a holistically managed ranch operates on a day-to-day basis.

The workshops will be small, with ample one-on-one time with Savory Institute certified educators out in the field and the classroom. All curriculum is accredited by the Savory Institute.

biological monitoring, holistic management
Examining the soil surface.

One-day regional workshops

Plumas/Sierra County One-Day Workshop March 28, 2015

Modoc County One-Day Workshop April 25, 2015

Fairfield/Bay Area One-Day Workshop May 9, 2015

Reno, Nevada One-Day Workshop June 27, 2015

Mendocino County One-Day Workshop July 11, 2015

Nevada County One-Day Workshop September 12, 2015

Siskiyou County One-Day Workshop November 21, 2015

Workshop Bundle

Interested in completing the Savory Institute Holistic Management program? Complete all modules and receive a discount when purchasing four courses together. Then, complete the online courses and become accredited in Holistic Management. When you purchase the online courses through the link provided, you receive a discount.

Holistic Management Workshop Package

Three-day on-site workshops

Holistic Planned Grazing Workshop June 12 to 14, 2015, Springs Ranch, Fort Bidwell, California

Holistic Land Planning and Biological Monitoring Workshop July 16 to 19, 2015, Springs Ranch

Holistic Financial Planning Workshop August 7 to 9, 2015 Springs Ranch

Holistic Financial Planning Workshop November 6 to 8, 2015, Defanti Ranch

Holistic Planned Grazing Workshop December 4 to 6, 2015,

Learning Sites

Springs Ranch, Fort Bidwell, California (below)

Guidici Ranch, Oroville, California (below)

Defanti Ranch, Greenville, Calif. (below)

Ranch Immersion Program

Learn how a holistically managed ranch operates. Spend a month with us at Springs Ranch and take part in all ranch work and activities. Participate in all courses offered during your stay at no additional cost.

Ranch Immersion Program

NOTE: if minimum attendance is not achieved, we reserve the right to reschedule the workshop. 


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