Artisans of the Grasslands, Savory Institute International Conference
Artisans of the Grasslands: Savory Institute International Conference October 2 to 4, 2015

The Jefferson Center for Holistic Management is pleased to announce that we are able to offer drastically discounted tickets specifically to farmers and ranchers to attend the Savory Institute International Conference in San Francisco on October 2-4. This event is themed, Artisans of the Grasslands: Crafting the Future of Food and Agriculture and highlights the great work being done by ranchers and farmers using Holistic Management around the globe. The conference is expecting an attendance of hundreds of enthusiastic participants from every corner of the world, comprised of ranchers/farmers, researchers, land-based NGOs, government organizations, impact investors and consumers. Additionally, the other 26 Savory Network Hubs from the world including everyone from gauchos, to Massai, to cowboys who are actively engaged in this movement will be joining. It’s a really special event that we believe will be an investment in your business and something you don’t want to miss!


On Friday, October 2nd, the conference has 3 unique all-day tracks dedicated to: Holistic Management training, business and communications workshops for agricultural producers, and an advanced media training tailored specifically to farmers and ranchers.


There has been a huge rush of ticket sales for this event, but we wanted to make sure that all of our local farmers and ranchers are well-represented and can afford to attend. Our local producers are the most important people to have at this conference and we at the Jefferson Hub were able to create this exclusive discount of which we hope you will take advantage. The deadline for this special deal is September 7th.


Buy now for only $299 per person for all 3-days including meals – $250 DISCOUNT!!!

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Buy your tickets here to benefit the Jefferson Center at no additional cost to you.

Use discount code: AGRICULTURE15

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