Immersion Program

Chloe Burns, the outreach coordinator for the Tallgrass Network Savory Hub in Kansas, spent two weeks with us at the Jefferson Center as an immersion program participant. Here she talks about the value of work study programs, what she gained from her time with us and why it is important to create scholarship programs for new regenerative farmers.

Jefferson Center, Tallgrass Network, Savory Network, work study program, holistic management
Chloe Burns, the outreach coordinator for the Tallgrass Network in Kansas, spent two weeks at the Jefferson Center.


Support new farmers

It is important to provide new farmers with access to the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. Not all new farmers have the resources needed to gain this capacity. The Jefferson Center is creating a scholarship fund for new farmers. Abbey ran in the Running with the Bears Half Marathon on Aug. 20, 2016 to raise money for this scholarship fund. She finished first in her age division with a time of 1:52. It was such fun, she said.

Why scholarships for new farmers matter

Chloe shares her work and what she gained from the Jefferson Center Immersion Program. Please consider being part of the regenerative movement by supporting new farmers like Chloe.


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