Scholarship funds: Running for regeneration

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The Savory Institute team runs together while at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe.
The Jefferson Center is working on a fundraising campaign to create a scholarship program for new farmers and ranchers. So often, Spencer and I, through the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, are approached by young, visionary, passionate new farmers without a land base or financial resources to get the Holistic Management knowledge and regenerative ag skills needed to get them on the path to building true wealth for themselves (which, as Allan Savory says, can only come from regenerating soils).
As a start up ourselves, we struggled to help them. One of our goals this year is to find a solution to this. This campaign is our solution. With the funds, we want to start a scholarship program that new farmers can apply to in order to get Holistic Management training and regenerative ag experiences. The donations to this campaign are made to the Savory Institute and are tax deductible. The scholarship program will support farmers from any location. Trainings and skill building opportunities will be offered through the Jefferson Center in Northern California.
I am running in the Running with the Bears half marathon in Indian Valley, California (my hometown!) on Aug. 20. I am running for the chance to give opportunity to new regenerative farmers and ranchers. #runningforregeneration
The campaign can be found here:  Please pledge your support today.

Why a scholarship program matters: Willie Canseco

Last summer, Willie Canseco spent the summer with us and completed an immersion program. Afterward, he went on to complete his accreditation with the Savory Institute and is a professional educator of Holistic Management. He currently is completing an internship at Sieben Livestock in Adel, Montana.

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