Creative design process applied to complex challenges

The afternoon session of Grazing for Change is hands-on hard work, but it will be a lot of fun too. The KIDmob facilitators will make sure of it. Their task is to build the foundation for a regenerative value network in California and Nevada using whole-systems thinking and their trademark creative design process.

KIDmob leaders shared with us more about their unique and highly relevant work:

KIDmob believes unlocking the creative capacity in every person is key to solving today’s real and relevant challenges. Every day, we work with kids and adults to help them think differently about problem solving. We show up, we ask questions, we challenge ideas, and then we step back and watch as creative solutions rise from the community. Because when we do, we activate the skills needed for success in our quickly evolving world. KIDmob has worked across the US and internationally, including in Haiti and the Philippines, with kids of all ages. Our partners have included Autodesk, eBay, Brown University, and UNICEF, and our work has been featured in publications including Fast Company, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and Upworthy.


Tyler Pew, KIDmob Co-Director

Raised in a rural Northern California logging community, Tyler has pursued a passion for fabrication through sculpture and architecture. He has focused on design as a means to transform the way in which we interact with each other, the way in which community is formed, and how we respond to the constructed environment.


Kate Ganim, KIDmob Co-Director

Kate Ganim attended Brown University with a BA in Psychology before moving to San Francisco to attend the California College of the Arts for a Masters in Architecture. Kate believes that design can be broadly applied to critical thinking and creative problem solving. She loves dreaming up ideas, figuring out how to bring them into reality, and making it happen.



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