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Kiss the Ground informing the world about regenerative ag

Kiss the Ground

We are excited to announce that Kiss the Ground is sponsoring- Build Soil, Build Wealth.  This collaboration will bring a regenerative agriculture course to Shone Farm, in Santa Rosa California.  Kiss the Ground has been active in this space for a while and is a California-based 501(c)(3) environmental non-profit telling a new story about our ability to regenerate land and reverse climate change by building back healthy soil. Check out their simple yet profound Soil Story:


They create media, campaigns and educational curriculum that raise awareness and empower individuals to take action.

“Behind the scenes, we connect and work with a wide range of stakeholders – farmers, educators, brands, NGOs, scientists and policy makers – to advocate for regenerative agriculture and the restoration of healthy soil worldwide,” said Lauren Tucker with Kiss the Ground.

Kiss the Ground is co-producing a self-titled feature-length movie to be released in 2017. @kissthegroundca

Why Holistic Management

The Savory Institute works to regenerate the grasslands of the world through Holistic Management.   This practice changed the way that farmers, ranchers, conservationists, researchers and scientists interact with the environment. Positive impact can be made through management alone. Holistic Management has been adopted by the permaculture world as one of the foundations of a regenerative and sustainable food model.

Perhaps, no one in permaculture has improved their landscape as much as Mark Shepard of New Forest Farm.  Mark transformed his landscape and created an oasis in the Mid-West where he has stacked countless enterprises and increased production and profitability to countless benefits for his family, community, and environment.  New Forest Farm is one of the most ambitious Restoration Agriculture projects in the world and regarded by many as a model for carbon farming.   Together with Restoration Ag Development and The Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, the Savory Accredited hub in offering support to agrarians in California and Nevada, Kiss the Ground will offer a course in Santa Rosa and show people how they can create a land base that will store carbon, catch water and improve farm profitability.  Merging Holistic Planned Grazing in a permanent silvopasture cropping system creates the most dynamic and ecologically complex land-base possible.

Kiss the Ground has been a strong voice in the regenerative ag conversation, bringing this information to consumers all over the world through their media like; The Soil Story.

Scholarship Opportunities

If you are interested in learning the tools and management techniques to develop an agricultural system on your land that will out produce any other orchard, vineyard or pasture while working with nature, join Kiss the Ground, Mark and Spencer Smith as we assist in developing the ultimate landbase.  Kiss the Ground will be offering a scholarship for this event. Go to their Facebook page to enter.  For more information call Spencer at 775-221-6793 or email at

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