Abbey talks with a visitor from the South Africa Hub and discusses the benefits of traveling in the Savory Global Network.

My name is Abbey Smith and I am a part of the Jefferson Center as well as a Savory Global Network coordinator. I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Michal Pretorius from South Africa on this video. She’s been staying with us for the past month as part of a six-month tour of different hubs in the United States.
Michal runs the hub in South Africa with her dad, Ralph Pretorius, and their main focus is on the communal lands in their area. Throughout her six-month trip, she gets to see many different ecoregions and how people in their own context are implementing holistic management. Next up after her time in California, she will be spending a month in Georgia and Michigan. Her favorite part has been learning from so many different people in different contexts and getting to see how people implement the same principles in different environments and achieve very similar results in the actual improvement of the land and the way livestock function. One of the things that stood out the most to her from her time here is the way business is done so much faster here.
Watch the video to hear more about Michal’s assessment of her time here and her analysis of the similarities and differences in regenerative agriculture internationally.

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