Global Jellybeaning

Each year, since Maezy, my daughter, was born we have a mommy-daughter “jellybeaning” trip. Jellybeaning was coined by my grandmother to mean: fun, silly, purely for the sake of enjoyment. Growing up, jellybeaning trips were usually vacations to San Francisco where we Nani’s country grandkids got a little “culture,” in the form of theatre, museums, eating at fancy restaurants where we must use our manners, ferryboat rides and a fair amount of people watching. Maezy and I get to take the mommy-daughter trip to a global level this year.

Africa 2014: Savory Hub Bootcamp

Spencer and I spent 19 days away from our then three-year old daughter two years ago. We were going through the hub accreditation process for the Jefferson Center. This required travel to the “Savory hub bootcamp,” at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It was hard on us to be away from our daughter for so long. She had a few tough days of missing her parents, but mainly had a lot of fun with both sets of grandparents. We promised her that the next time we went to Africa, she would come with us.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, holistic management
Abbey and Spencer Smith visit Victoria Falls as they complete their holistic management training at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe. August, 2014.


Two years later, as the owner and operator of a fully accredited hub and serving as the Savory Network Coordinator, I am lucky enough to return to the Africa Centre for Holistic Management with my daughter. I am grateful that I was able to keep my promise to her. Spencer is staying home this time to care for the cattle on the ranch, so our trek to San Francisco, flight to London, Johannesburg and finally to Victoria Falls is the start of our first global mommy-daughter trip.

Although not completely a pure jelly-beaning trip (for Mom) as I will be working to help the 2016 hub candidates complete bootcamp, it will be a ton of fun. Maezy is most excited about riding Dojiwe, the

Abbey Smith, holistic management, grazing for change
Meeting Dojiwe, the pet elephant at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management in August 2014.


Savory Hub Bootcamp 2014 Journal

Preparing for our travels, I found the posts I wrote to our Kickstarter supporters about our experience in Africa in 2014. Maezy and I will blog and journal during this trip. To get oriented and re-acquainted with the Africa Centre for Holistic Management, here is a summary of the 2014 bootcamp we went through as hub candidates as well as posts from the hub gathering and annual conference in London. What will it be like now attending as staff and showing my daughter Africa? I can’t wait to find out.



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