Pedrozo Dairy and Cheese, Holistic Management, Regenerative Agriculture, Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

The mission of Pedrozo Dairy and Cheese Co. is about taking good care of the things that matter most. It is to inspire a vision of premier, ecological, heritage farming through a sustainable family-run, grass-fed dairy and cheese operation. This is achieved through adhering to the following goals:

-Producing high quality, traditional farmstead cheese

-Offering education, tours, and being a resource for the dairy industry

-Commitment of respect for the cows and the land

On the dairy, the cows, or “ladies” as they’re lovingly called, are respected and receive treatment which reflects that. They graze on pasture year round and don’t have any grain in their diet, creating an environment that is most natural for them. Great cheese comes from great milk and the 100 percent grass-fed milk is rich with the seasonal flavors of the pasture. Being gentle stewards of the environment is a top priority on the farm.



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Creating a high-quality product that stays true to its local roots is something that won’t be compromised. The choice to make a farmstead product means that every aspect of the process is looked after carefully. From milking the cows to hand-packaging the cheese, special attention is given every step of the way. Local products are used for certain flavored cheeses which enhances the aspect of enriching and giving back to the Sacramento Valley.

A robust value of community makes everything worthwhile. Whether it’s meeting customers at the farmer’s market or making a delivery to a local retailer, sharing the process and final product with people in the community is a truly rewarding experience that drives the company every day. These three distinct areas of focus and appreciation shape the vision of Pedrozo Dairy and Cheese Co.; to facilitate the growth of sustainable agriculture while sustaining a business that promotes its principles.

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