Personalized Holistic Management Training and Implementation Support

New land owners or families in transition often seek direct support from hub leaders who can help provide them with critical support as they begin their journey into Holistic Management.

If you want to learn Holistic Management in the context of your own land or ranch, instead of a class setting, we will come to you and provide training and then support you as you implement the processes of Holistic Management. This works well if there is a large farm or ranch employee team who wants to go through training. Please contact us to discuss further.


We’ll engage with you to assess your project, conduct Holistic Management practices and processes with you, such as forming a Holistic Context, creating a holistic grazing plan, land and financial plan. We work side-by-side with you to set up Holistic Management processes and practices for your land-based operation, enterprise or organization. After the Holistic Management processes are established, we provide on-going support and on-site visits up to three years following the initial assessment, as requested.

Work Study

Thank you for your interest in our Work Study program! We are currently working with the amazing producer guild at the Jefferson Center to revamp this program. If you are interested in it, please emailĀ, and we will let you know when we are fully offering the program again. We are also happy to help you connect with other learning opportunities in the Savory Global Network.

Special Projects

Large organizations with significant land holdings and/ore research interests, such as universities, the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and private companies conduct special projects in specific regions. We collaborate with organizations to bring Holistic Management processes and practices to the project. We are open to participating in research, especially regarding livestock’s role in soil health, the effects of Holistic Planned Grazing, new tools to help producers engage in regenerative agriculture marketplace and the social and economical outcomes of practicing Holistic Management in rural areas.

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