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Ranch Work Study Program


IMG_7821Spend one-month with the Smith Family on the holistically managed Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, California. The Springs Ranch is an accredited Savory Global Network Hub and certified organic ranch. Learn how a holistically managed ranch operates on a day-to-day basis. Lodging is provided. Participate in all workshops  offered during your stay at no additional cost. Enjoy all the rural Great Basin and Warner Mountains have to offer including hiking, hunting, fishing, camping and rural events like community pot-lucks, BBQs and rodeos. Join in all ranch management work from holistic grazing planning to working cattle.

Please email us for more information before purchasing through our online store. Please send us your resume and letter of intent via email. We want to understand what you want to achieve with the Ranch Study Program. What are your goals and how does this fit into your long-term plans? We look forward to hearing from you! We will email you the link to purchase the program once approved. The cost per week is $1750. This includes lodging and a pass to all trainings offered during your stay. Please contact us for special packages and possible discounts.