Spencer Smith manages Springs Ranch and is an accredited Field Professional with the Savory Institute. He also leads the Jefferson Center. He worked on large ranches in Nevada for Stix Cattle Company prior to setting out on the Savory adventure. Now, he has exciting news for other producers on the West Coast!

Savory Institute Programs

The Savory Institute has developed a revolutionary new marketing opportunity for farmers and ranchers that are working hard to improve the quality of their soil and landscape through management. The Ecological Outcomes Verification (EOV) is a monitoring protocol that is scientifically robust for the global market. It assesses key indicators of the effectiveness and health of ecosystem processes by looking at factors such as soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function. It is the backbone of the Land to Market program.

Land to Market

Land to Market is a marketing opportunity for producers to get their products direct to consumer or to manufacturers that are looking to buy their protein, fiber, leather, and dairy for the value add of their products. Producers can utilize the on-pack Land to Market seal to further engage with their consumers or they can simply utilize EOV and Land to Market as part of their ranches identity and discuss further opportunities with conservation values, products going to market, etc.

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Get Certified for FREE

We have the distinct opportunity to bring on 10 northern California producers to get certified free of charge. This includes all of the training, the monitoring, and assistance for implementing the processes. This opportunity is generously provided by a Bay area philanthropic group. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to Spencer at spencer@jeffersonhub.com or give him a call at (775)-221-6793.

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