In this episode, we’re interviewing Richards Grassfed Beef about how they’re using EOV Land Verification for the Land to Market Program and what they hope to provide for their customers across California. You can learn more about their operation at

Richard’s Grassfed Beef was started in 2012 to be a reliable source of grass-fed beef focused on trust and transparency. They have always been interested in soil health and the health of their animals, so when they found out about the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program, they were excited! The Savory Institute provided answers to a lot of the questions they had been trying to figure out like:

  • How do we better the land?
  • How can we provide better food and more nutrient dense food while also having a positive impact on the land?

Through working with the Land to Market program, Richards Grassfed Beef is able to verify where all of the animals are coming from. Not only do they love the product this creates, but they also love the transparency they are able to have with customers and marketing. Richards Grassfed Beef is currently the only West Coast protein company that is buying from sources that are backed by EOV in the Land to Market Program.

We at the Jefferson Center are super excited to be able to have Richards Grassfed Beef as the first West Coast regional protein company to be verified 100% through EOV. All products bought through Richards Grassfed Beef will have that guarantee to its customers that the protein is coming from landscapes that practice regenerative agriculture and as a result, increase in nutrient density and ecosystem function. We just finished the second year of ecological monitoring, so now we have trended data to prove that the management practices that have been done on this property and many others across California are making the landscape better. If that excites you, reach out to Spencer Smith ( or Carrie Richards at

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