Holistic management doesn’t fit well into an elevator pitch. In two sentences or less tell me what holistic management is. Rotational grazing? Planned grazing? A term soil geeks and non-traditional agriculturalists use? No. Not quite. Possibly.

Here’s our elevator pitch: holistic management is a decision-making framework that helps us make better, more informed decisions that balance social, economic and environmental factors while leading us in the direction we want our lives to take. 

What? Pretty abstract concepts there–but here’s the important part: it works. It helps rivers run again, communities sing together, people smile, animals run and jump and play, families stay together, children play outside and grass grow. It keeps carbon in the soil. We’ve seen holistic management do this. It brings together people who envision a bright future–full of health and biodiversity–people who are willing to try something new, who aren’t afraid to fail, who are humble, observant, comical and life-long learners. Really, these are pretty amazing folks.

And we are bringing the leaders of holistic management and regenerative agriculture to Northern California. Our backyard! Wow! Spencer and I traveled to London and Zimbabwe to meet these speakers and teachers. We are bringing them home to meet all of the great producers, thinkers, and leaders of our region (that’s you!). Join us.

Join us for the first Western Regional Grazing Conference: Grazing for Change  on February 27 and 28, 2015 at the Chico State College of Agriculture Farm Pavilion.

This is a practical,  results-oriented event. Invest two days in helping your business, family and/or ag operation graze toward a bright future.

Dig into the principles and practices of holistic management in hands-on workshops taught by accredited holistic management educators including Allan Savory, Dr. Christine Jones, Tony Malmberg and Gabe Brown. Learn more about all our speakers. Spend an extra day with us on the land on a ranch tour led by Chico State professors and innovative holistic management practitioners.

Grazing for Change is an essential event for farmers and ranchers seeking new tools and practices to cope with drought, rising costs of production, and pasture availability. Small scale and urban farmers, consumers, students and anyone working to make sustainable decisions in their lives will benefit. Grazing for Change is hosted by Chico State University College of Agriculture, the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management and the Savory Institute.


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