By Abbey Smith

Fort Bidwell is off the beaten path. Many people contact us wanting to visit a holistically managed and/or regenerative farms and ranch, or purchase products grown in regenerating soils. Then, they look at a map and say, “oh wow, so if we can’t come visit you, what other farms and ranches in California do you recommend we visit?” Our sister Savory hub in California, White Buffalo Land Trust, received the same questions. Clearly, people visiting California want to come to farms and ranches that are building soil and creating healthy food in the process. Enough people asked us this question that Ana Smith, with White Buffalo Land Trust, and I compiled this list of farms and ranches we know and recommend visiting if traveling through California. Many are holistically managed and  enrolled in the Ecological Outcomes Verification program through the Jefferson Center. When we published this list to our community, we received an influx of requests of farms wishing to be added to this list. How exciting! The criteria to be added to this list is:

  • We know the ranch and operation personally and can recommend it, and/or
  • There is scientifically valid data backing up the regenerative claims being made by the ranch

We also expanded the list to include Nevada. Friends, keep the ranches and farms coming! Let’s get Oregon in there too. We are very close to both Oregon and Nevada, geographically and culturally.

This list will continue to grow,  it is a living list. My dream is that when my children and I load up in the truck for a long haul down to, say Vacaville to stay with our friend Alexis at Soul Food Farm, that we pass many, many places to get good food along the way. I imagine local and regional food centers where we can find fresh, local produce and products and really experience the beauty, uniqueness and abundance of California. Someday this list will be thousands of farms and ranches long. 

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Farms in California To Visit 

Northern California Farms 

Southern California Farms

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