My interest in Holistic Management began more than 10 years ago at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo when I worked as the managing editor of the Mustang Daily and got the opportunity to interview Allan Savory when he came to speak at the university. This interview led an idealistic 22-year old into a two-month work study program  in South Africa living on holistically managed cattle ranches. For my husband Spencer, it was more practical. He wanted to learn how to grow more grass as a ranch manager. We had applied to ranch management jobs on beautiful ranches from the California coast to the rugged mountains of Montana. And they all wanted more grass management experience and training–especially holistic management experience. So he was determined to get this training and experience. And it changed our lives in the process.
We now have exciting news for everyone from the idealistic (like me) to the practical folks (like Spencer) who want to improve the land, develop regenerative food systems and lead happy, fulfilling lives. The Savory Institute developed a series of online courses that make holistic management training more affordable and accessible than it has ever been. The courses are for anyone who wants to simply learn more about holistic management after watching Allan Savory’s TED Talk

to the land manager seeking a holistic management certification.  In order to complete the certification program for holistic management there are five online courses and four workshop units (which are usually combined into three in-person workshops). Workshops will be offered by our hub next year. Please contact us, for more information on workshops.

“These courses teach the foundations of how to plan for triple bottom line results in your business or personal life, making sure your decisions are economically, socially and ecologically sound. They are ideal for any person looking to take their performance in life to the next level,” said Chris Kerston, director of marketing and communication for the Savory Institute.

Spencer and I are taking these online courses right now and they are really great! The online courses move quickly and are a combination of watching videos and animations, reading, taking quizzes, writing short essays, answering questions, taking pictures, drawing pictures–fun stuff!


We are offering a special discount to you when you purchase the online courses through our hub.


To order the online coursesclick here. Then, enter this discount code: discount2145 


The Savory Institute is discounting the online courses for a limited time now, and you will save an additional 10 percent when purchasing courses through the link provided above and applying the discount code. The whole bundle of five courses is just $459.00 (plus an additional 10 percent off). These courses once cost thousands of dollars a piece to complete–and there were not online options. The Savory Institute has made holistic management education very affordable. If you or your friends and colleagues are interested in a single course only, you can purchase them individually, but the bundle is a better deal, especially if you intend to complete the certification program.


Here are all the courses required to become certified in holistic management:


Unit One –

  • Course One: The Foundation of Holistic Management

Unit Two – Nurturing Our Planet

  • Course Two: The Ecosystem Processes that Sustain Us
  • Course Three: Tools to Manage the Ecosystem Processes

Unit Three – New Framework for Decision Making

  • Course Four: Defining the Whole Under Management and Creating Your Holistic Context
  • Course Five: Testing and Monitoring Decisions


These foundational courses will prepare you for taking our face-to-face workshops where you will have the opportunity to learn the skills to master the implementation of the processes unique to Holistic Management:


  • Building Wealth Through Holistic Financial Planning
  • Holistic Planned Grazing
  • Holistic Land Planning
  • Holistic Ecological Monitoring (where you will learn to do baseline monitoring)

 Having the holistic management professional educator certification, or even certified training and coursework in holistic management is a huge resume boost for anyone involved in land management. We know this first hand.  

The Smith family completing baseline monitoring on the Springs Ranch learning center in Fort Bidwell, California.

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