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The Savory Meal: Eating well for a whole world

Join the Jefferson Center for a regenerative ranching dining experience on October 22, 2017. It showcases regeneratively produced food and features national speakers who are leaders in the regenerative movement.

We are thrilled and honored to work with Chef Tu David Phu, a 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Rising Star Chef, to create and present The Savory Meal. As a Savory Global Network Hub, we are hosting this event as part of the Savory Global Farm-to-Table event happening at hubs across the world.

The centerpiece of the meal, the regeneratively raised meats, are provided by LeftCoast Grassfed, Stemple Creek, Root Down Farm and True Grass Farms. Through this re-imagined farm-to-table experience, connect with people who are passionate about, and committed to, nourishing their environment and their food.

The proceeds of this event will help us regenerate California’s rangelands.

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We invite you to learn more about each of our speakers and sponsors for this event, listed below!

TuDavidPhuChef Tu David Phu
Of all the different kinds of storytelling, Chef Tu David Phu is best at telling his story in the most delicious way possible: through his culinary creations. Named by Paolo Luchessi as the San Francisco Chronicle 2017 Rising Star Chef, Phu provide diners with a unique Vietnamese dining experience presented in a “tasting-menu” format…

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diana-rodgers-paleo-408Diana Rodgers RD, The Sustainable Dish

Diana Rodgers is a “real food” dietitian who lives, works and plays on an organic vegetable farm outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Her message is simple: real food heals. With a focus on digestive health and blood sugar regulation, she helps her patients learn the importance of nutrient-dense foods, while also removing the negative stigma surrounding meat consumption…

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Lauren TuckerLauren Tucker, Kiss The Ground

Lauren Tucker is proof that a conversation among friends in a living room in Venice, CA has the power to culminate into global movement. With a personal passion for all things regenerative agriculture, Tucker has quickly become a leader in the movement…

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nikkiNikki Silvestri 

Speaking with Nikki Silvestri is a regenerative experience in itself. Her voice is calm, strong, and reassuring. Her passion for soil health is soaked into every word. Her mission is simple: helping people understand why soil is so important. As a public speaker, Nikki explains that there is an intersection that many people many not see clearly: the one between external and internal harmony.

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Sallie Calhoun_3085Paicines Ranch

Sallie Calhoun never imagined herself as a rancher, nor could she imagine that one day her managing partners would be cows and sheep. However, here she is 17 years later, a rancher and farmer just trying to figure out the best way to produce food, fuel, and fiber while not just sustaining, but regenerating ecosystems.
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paleo, Smith Family, Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

Spencer Smith 

There are two things you should know about Spencer Smith: he’s passionate about Holistic Management and he’s never without a little hope. Spencer and his wife, Abbey, began the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management in 2014 and have seen their personal and professional passions fall into place…

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Root Down rszRoot Down Farms 

Between feeding animals, prepping for farmers markets, meeting with event planners, irrigating the orchard and a dozen other daily tasks, sometimes the biggest achievement for Dede Boies at Root Down Farm is the fact that she wakes up everyday still fiercely believing in the work she does for her and her community…

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Stemple Creek 150x150

Stemple Creek Ranch

Quality, integrity and transparency are just three words to describe Stemple Creek, a family-owned ranch that dates back to 1902. Even though their land is historic, their farming practices are anything but as they strive to constantly improve their land and their beef. One thing is for sure: Stemple Creek is in the farming game for the long haul…

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Perennial SFThe Perennial SF Team

Think of the The Perennial SF as the bridge between regenerative agriculture and the restaurant industry. Anthony Myint is a chef, co-founder, restaurateur, activist and author who is on a mission to educate his diners that they have the power to eat their way into reversing climate change…

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G FrosiniTrue Grass Farms 

True Grass Farms is all about food, ecology, and culture, which means developing our relationship to food in order to change our relationship with our landscapes. Guido Frosini and his family have owned their family ranch since 1867, but it wasn’t until six years ago that True Grass Farms was born…

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Untitled design (6)TomKat Ranch

TomKat Ranch is all about connecting people to healthy food. Whether that’s through partnerships with producers and scientists or the sale of their grass-fed beef through their label LeftCoast GrassFed, they are a non-profit and educational ranch on a mission to connect passionate consumers with regenerative ranchers and influence change in how our food is grown and raised…

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bronner_rszDr. Bronner’s 

Dr. Bronner’s was founded in 1948 in Los Angeles by Emanuel Bronner, a third generation German-Jewish soap maker. The loss of his parents to the holocaust made him a committed advocate of world peace, tolerance and the transcendence of religious and national boundaries.

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tablas creekTablas Creek Vineyard

The history of Tablas Creek has as much depth and richness as the wines they produce. They are grounded in the belief that their vineyard should provide responsible farming in a way that not only nourishes the land, but the community as well.

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