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TuDavidPhuOf all the different kinds of storytelling, Chef Tu David Phu is best at telling his story in the most delicious way possible: through his culinary creations. Named by Paolo Luchessi as the San Francisco Chronicle 2017 Rising Star Chef, Phu provide diners with a unique Vietnamese dining experience presented in a “tasting-menu” format. To spend a day with Phu, you would most likely find him foraging for seaweed on the Sonoma Coast, visiting the Washoe Valley Farm to collect duck eggs, experimenting with childhood recipes in his kitchen, or pestering Water2Table at Pier 45 to discuss fish and pick up his favorite ingredients.

Phu is aware of the impact of bringing people together over a regeneratively created meal. With food comes powerful conversation, and the Savory Meal provides the perfect platform to discuss the future of healing our soil and preserving our water resources.

Phu’s culinary experiences have included the nation’s top Michelin-rated restaurants: Chez Panisse, Quince, Acquerello, Daniel Boulud, Breslin, Gotham Bar & Grill and Gramercy Tavern. Chef Tu was Executive Chef of Gather in Berkeley and now is garnering press and accolades with his weekly pop up dinners via Ăn: A Vietnamese Dining Experience, which started in March of 2016. His dinners are usually based in San Francisco, but his heart will always be based in Vietnam.

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